EM ECW Lot 20
EM ECW Lot 20
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Documentation required


ALL required documentation must be attached to the application on-line. You may do this progressively as you gather the documents (you don’t need tto attach them all at the same time). If you don’t submitt all the documents before the deadline expires, your application will appear as incomplete in our database and therefore it will be automatically out of consideration.

These are the required documents:

  • Application form (which includes a statement of motivation)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of ID or Passport
  • Copy of academic degree obtained  (not applicable to Undergraduates)
  • Transcript of academic records
  • Language certificate
  • For Undergraduates and Master students belonging to Target Group 1 and 2: two supporting letters from (senior) academic staff of your home university.
  • For Doctorates and Post-doctorates: examples of papers and articles written + a research plan + endorsement of their plan by the host institution

Although it is not mandatory, we recommend you to add as well a document that may prove a disadvantaged economical situation (if that is the case for you).

For Mexican applicants: If you are interested on applying to a Spanish university then the documentation provided may be in Spanish. In any other case, documentation (Curriculum vitae, supporting letters and/or research plan) must be in English or in the official language of the hosting country.

For European applicants: We recommend you to apply in Spanish. However, applications in English will also be accepted.

  • Seleccion process results: go to NEWS
  • The 2nd CALL is launched and the online application form is opened on 15 October 2009 and the deadline is 2 December 2009, 00:00 hrs CET (Central Europe Time)
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